Venturers is for 14.5 (yr 11) to 18 years old of any gender, ethnicity, and religion. Held during term time on a Monday 6.30pm – 8.30pm.

Joining Venturers is an opportunity to get out and about, make new friends, self-manage alongside a leader, and learn life skills. All of these skills are crucial for making a positive impression on potential employers.

The opportunities are vast as the programme is created and run by the Venturers themselves.

Some of the opportunities that are available in 2024 are:

  • Bike and camp around Waiheke
  • Complete parts of some of New Zealand’s Great Walks
  • Group camp in March – shooting, go-karts, archery and more
  • work together towards your drivers licence, learn about basic car maintenance
  • socialise with other Venturer groups
  • Opportunities to access Scouts Aotearoa programmes in the school holidays such as flying school, caving school, snow school, photography school and more.     

We are holding an intro night on 12 February 2024 at 6.30pm with a BBQ and information for parents and interested youth. Alternatively, if you are unable to make this night and interested in joining our Venturers troop or to find out more please email

This is what our Venturers have to say:

Highlights of being a Venturer: Holding a public debate where I got to meet with and interrogate important politicians. Cycling around and exploring the hidden and lesser-known patches of Waiheke Island. Approaching strangers on Queen Street as we searched for someone with the same birthday – and finding them. The freedom to decide what we do.

Being a Venturer means: I always have a place to go and people I can turn to. It means I can have experiences that few teenagers get and acquire a rare set of skills and lessons that you cannot find anywhere else.

Venturers has had a profound impact on my values. At Venturers, the tenets of scouting are not just recited, but reinforced on an almost weekly basis, each time from a different angle. I have reached a new understanding of the person I aspire to, inspired by my unique experiences and the role models around me.

National Schools

Scouts Aotearoa has a number of National Schools available to Scouts and Venturers 12 years and above.

Aviation School is available to Scouts and Venturers 12+ years.

Photography School is open to Scouts and Venturers aged 13 to 18 years.

Caving School is available to Scouts and Venturers 14+ years.

Canoe School for Scouts and Venturers 14+ years.

Walsh Memorial Scout Flying School is open to Scouts and Venturers 16 to 19 years with less than two years flying experience.

Mountaineering School is for Venturers 15+ years.

ATL@S is short for Advanced Training in Leadership at Sea and is available to Scouts and Venturers 14 to 16 years.

Snow School is for Scouts and Venturers 13+.